Weekly News 09/16/13

This broadcast was produced by Makaila in Mr. Oliver’s Digital Journalism class.

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FD’s First Pep Rally

Students enjoying FD’s first pep rally of the year. Big shout out to the Harmony Project for their performance at the rally. Check out more pictures on Facebook.

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Student Produced Radio Commercials

A collection of radio commercials written, recorded and edited by students in Mr. Oliver’s 4th period Digital Journalism class.

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Weekly News – 09.09.2013

This broadcast was produced by Makaila in Mr. Oliver’s Digital Journalism class. Have an event you want broadcast? Fill out the form here!

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Part 1: The Adventures of Skarin

King Eric Bloodletter and Queen Freya Fair Skin were carving a bloody path towards the orc war boss, Gorzob Dented Elmet. A huge orc warboss who wore scavenged armor with the insignia of a dragon and his signature piece of headgear a dented helmet, who was himself  leaving a ruin of bodies wherever his massive cleaver struck. The bloody battle had commenced two hours prior while Eric, Freya, and two hundred of their strongest and most experienced soldiers were visiting one of the villages on the outer part of their kingdom. The orcs came as a green tide. Without warning a black hail of arrows rained over the village. And many crazed looking goblins with helmets that had spikes at the top fell with hard thuds into fleeing villagers. King Eric told his wife to take half the army to the flank of the green skins so they might get the upper hand but she refused to leave her lovers side. So they made a brave stand at the center of town. Makeshift barricades were put up as the army of Eric and a few brave souls in the village made a wedge formation with Freya and Eric at the head. The impact of the green skins made the wedge bend a little but they were ready for it. Man, orc, and goblins fell alike. Eric and Freya knew this battle would not be won if they were not able to kill the war boss.

Freya and Eric finally met the war boss and a circle was made, all fighting stopped. For both armies knew that this epic duel of heroes would see to the outcome of battle. Gorzob made for the first strike but Eric and Freya danced around his clumsy wide strokes as two dervishes would perform for a king to the far east. The orc boss screamed the words in a booming deep voice “You punie humies better stop moving so I can cut you in two wit me choppa!!!!” Eric a Freya laughed at this comment and replied in unison “We’d like to see you try.” The war boss raged at this response and caught Freya off guard with a quick back swing neither she or Eric were expecting. The force of the impact sent Freya flying with a horrifying crack when she landed. The orc army roared in approval and Eric screamed in painful agony. He was taken by the red mist. There was no remorse in his eyes, he would kill the war boss and mount his head in his hall. Eric attacked with such a force the war boss had to take steps back to defend himself. The war boss tried to counter but there was no use Eric was too fast and strong it was as if the gods had possessed him and gave him unnatural strength. Eric slashed and stabbed with his massive great sword till he finally caught the war boss in the back of the heel the war boss wailed in agony he called to his second in command Nazgorb Green Teeth for aid. Telling him “ell don’t just stand dere elp me idiot!!!” The orc did what he said but within three steps Eric beheaded him with one stroke. The swing was so fast Eric himself was surprised. the warboss started screaming “ I is Gorzob dented elmet and evens if I die me orcs ull kill you stupid humies” in which Eric looked at his wife’s lifeless body then looked back at Gorzob and said in a hushed tone “we’d like to see you try”. Before Gorzob could scream in hate and pain Eric beheaded the warboss and rallied his remaining army to push back the orcs. He told his standard bearer to raise the dragon banner, for this day no orc or goblin would live to see another day. Once the merciless slaughter of the greenskins was done he ran back to the body of his once lover and queen and picked her up. Freyas lifeless body still had a smile, he thought to himself even in death she is happy. He then started speaking to her corpse and said “ I promise that I will protect our little Skarin till the day I die. I will never let anything happen to him.” He then picked up her body in his arms, cradling her like a baby. No songs were sung that day nor any other on the way back to his capital city, Asteriek.

When the army returned the gates of Asteriek were opened and the streets were filled with cheering citizens with little ten year old, prince Skarin at the head, with his fathers best friend and head of the king’s body guard, Brynjolf. The cheers were short lived for when the city saw that the King carried the queens lifeless body on a row of shield the city went into a sombre silence. Skarin ran up to his father and hugged him. Eric looked at his sons features. His son had his mothers thin lips and her different colored eyes. His hair long and blond. Skarin looked up and saw his father was sad so he said “Father why do you look like that?” then looking around past his father he asked “Father wheres mother?”

Eric looked deeply in Skarin’s eyes and said in a melancholy tone “ My son, your mother will not be tucking you in anymore nor will she tell you the tales of our conquests.”

Skarin’s eyes started tearing “Why Father?”

His father replied by having the shield carriers lower the queen far enough for Skarin to see his dead mother. Skarin walked over to his mother’s corpse and looked back up to his father and had a hopeful yet unsure smile. He asked “She’s only sleeping right father?”

“No my son, the whoreson of an orc killed her but I killed the monstrosity and took his head as a trophy.” He had his standard bearer bring the head and show it to Skarin. The boys eyes were filled with hate, pain, sadness and, and anger. Before his father could react the once innocent little boy took his fathers broadsword from its scabbard and brought it up to an overhead swing and sliced the already mangled head of the once mighty orc Gorzob in two. His father and all those that saw what happened were shocked from seeing a scrawny looking child pick up the sword as if it was a light as a feather.

That night in the kings hall King Eric had his priests of Wolfengheim bless his wifes body. That night his son pledged that there would be unification within all of the tribes for his father was only one of many kingdoms scattered with in all the old world and he would be the one to do it.

Three summers went by and king Eric was getting ail of bone break fever. Skarin was at his side at all time to make sure he was okay. But alas the king did not make it the fourth winter. Before he died he appointed the now fourteen summers old Skarin as the new king. The night before his coronation Skarin asked Brynjolf a question Brynjolf was surprised his own father never asked.

“What must one king do to unite his people?”

In which Brynjolf replied “I do not know my king but I can tell you this, you must make peace with all the other kingdoms to have perfect unity and be able to make war against all evil.”

And with this we must end our story here. Tune in next week to read part two.


Christian S.

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VOLUNTEER! Bridge Cleanup on 9/21


There will be a cleanup of the 4th Ave Community Pedestrian Bridge* across the 10 Freeway  on Saturday, September 21.  Folks from both sides of the bridge, the Council District Office and from 24 different volunteer/community service organizations will be out in force to sweep, paint, plant and scrub.

The work won’t be hard, but fun and a way to build community.

*The bridge is the only remaining pedestrian bridge across the 10 freeway in central L.A.   Two others (on 8th Avenue and on Virginia Rd.) were closed years ago  and there was an effort to try to close the 4th Ave bridge this spring.   It has had some problems but the communities and the Council District Office have stepped up to own and take pride in it and to keep it open. More info

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Weekly News – 09.03.2013

This broadcast was produced by Makaila in Mr. Oliver’s Digital Journalism class. Have an event you want broadcast? Fill out the form here!

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FD Football Vs.Cleveland HS – Sept 6th


FD’s mighty football team is playing Cleveland HS on September 6th, 2013 at 7 pm. The game is being played at Cleveland HS (8140 Vanalden Ave, Reseda, CA 91335). View FD’s full schedule here.

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Inside FD – Ms. Daniels’ Math Class



Ms.Daniels’ 3rd period math class.

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Inside FD – Kwadwo and Thomas


Two focused seniors ready to crush their final year at FD.

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PAID Media Internship


Bresee has a new high school paid internship program focusing on multimedia.  Students will earn a $500 stipend for a 7 month internship.  They’ll meet working professionals in media & film, receive professional instruction, be given production assignments and have the opportunity to impact their community.

We are looking for committed students with an interest in multimedia or film, who want to meet and question working professionals and have a desire to learn.  Media experience is not required.

The deadline to apply is Sept. 20, 2013.  Limited space.   APPLICATION FORM
More information can be found here: www.breseemedia.weebly.com  You’ll find attached a flyer & application.  Write or call if you have any questions.
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Weekly News – 08.25.2013

This broadcast was produced by Makaila in Mr. Oliver’s Digital Journalism class. Have an event you want broadcast? Just fill out the form here!

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FDAHS – 2012-13 Graduation Video

FD’s 2013 Graduation Video was produced and directed by Alexus U. and Destiny E.

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Yearbook On Sale!


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